This is a post about puke.

This may be too much information for some, but for those few, you must be new here..

I just got kicked in the butt by the flu.  It was a one day vomit fest that has left me wondering about the part of the flu I hate the most..puking.

Yes, tossing my cookies, raplhing, blowing groceries, chundering, yelling at the ants, barfing, hurling, flashing hash, having a liquid laugh..whatever you call it, it is by far the worst part of the flu for me.  Some may wonder why that would be worse than the chills, fever, or constant severe body ache, and I wonder if we all puke alike. I know we don’t…at least I hope we don’t.  For me, that is BY FAR the most painful part of it all.

When I vomit, it’s a full body reaction.  I grip the toilet, because I feel as if my abdominal contraction will hurl me into orbit if I don’t hang on.  My knees often leave the ground as my abdomen forcefully contracts and I imagine I look like a bucking bronco with its head stuck in a toilet.  As a result of this contraction, my ribs will also hurt for up to a week after even one vomit and I find it hard to take deep breaths for quite some time because of the stress put upon my abdomen and rib cage by the event.  My knees often end up bruised as well.

I also burst blood vessels in my face every time I vomit.  Even the tiniest puke (can’t remember when it was a tiny puke) will cause tiny red dots to cover my face (hairline down to cheeks and sometimes neck) and head (including neck and shoulders).  They aren’t raised bumps..they are tiny remnants of burst capillaries, and they can take a week or two to fully disappear.  It’s especially bad around my eyes.  I also have a semi-blackout when I vomit and I can remember grabbing the toilet, but don’t remember anything until the next abdominal contraction.  If there are 6 contractions, I’ll remember each one, but nothing in between, unless there is a larger time gap.

I can puke with no result.  I once puked for 8 hours straight and at one point was vomiting black flakes of things after the first 6 hours, then I just vomited air for the last two hours.  All of that pain was for nothing.  I can also eat nothing (like this most recent flu day) due to nausea and puke up everything.  I think I even upchucked my brother’s Bionic Commando Game Boy game and some old socks at one point.  It was strange.

So anyway, I hope this post didn’t make anyone do a “rainbow yodel” themselves, but I wanted to see if this is a common occurrence or if I have some sort of cookie-tossing superpower that needs to be investigated.  Please post comments below.


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  1. I get the sore ribs and sore stomach, but I’ve never seen/heard of the blotchy broken vessels on a face and I am an LPN!

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