My Christmas Wish for you.

I’d personally love to buy all of my readers a tablet, but, seeing as how no tablet maker could afford to give away that many tablets, I’m giving you a “wish” instead.

My wish for you:

When a celebrity, sports figure, or some random person on the internet decides to speak their opinion (and assuming the opinion isn’t directly hateful or threatening), my wish for you is that you simply refuse to “give a sh*t” about it.  If a religious nutjob wants to misquote scripture, let him look like an idiot.  If a senator wants to Tweet his “I’m sexy” mirror-pic, don’t look at the pic.  If a celeb rants about how stupid something is, let it go.

2013 is the year that everything became a massive e-backlash.  People all across the internet became enraged at things that didn’t even happen to them directly.  They started boycott campaigns, they participated in hateful email campaigns, and they simply put their nose in where it didn’t belong.  It’s not our fault as citizens of Earth to right everyone’s wrongs.  If someone makes a mistake, it doesn’t need to be news (there are WAY more important things out there).  If it didn’t happen TO YOU DIRECTLY, take all of that time you’re spending getting upset and composing a nasty email and put the energy into something positive and productive.

We all want to be involved in things, I get that..but if our involvement is simply to jump on a bandwagon of negativity and hatred, we should all be taking a good hard look in the mirror and figuring out why we feel the need to be a part of things like that.

Take this into 2014.  Stop making “flaps” about everything and just let idiots be idiots.  Quit making everything a bigger deal than it should be.


P.S.  If you’re looking for a gift for me, the Amazon Wishlist is above..otherwise, I need more K-Cups for my Kuerig and some Deschutes Chainbreaker beer.  🙂