Season of giving

Anonymous wrote:


I’ve been dating a woman for about 9 months and she asked me to spend Christmas with her and her daughter now that we’ve become serious.  I’ve met her daughter a few times and we seem to get along well.  My question for you is, do I get her daughter a present or just buy one for the woman I’m dating?  I don’t know what to do and I’d hate to make the daughter uncomfortable either way.



If your “serious” statement about your relationship means that someday you may be this girl’s stepfather or it means that you’ll definitely be in her life for the coming years in some way, then yes, buy her a present (something you and her mom know she’ll enjoy).  If by “serious”, you meant you and the mom are now intimate and the daughter has only met you three times in passing, I’d still say yes, buy her a present (but make it something fun and light or a gift card).  It is never any fun to be the only one around the tree not opening presents, so I’d try to make sure she can enjoy those moments with you two as well.

And on that note, I’d also recommend that every reader do what they can to donate to a needy family or a family in your neighborhood that may have fallen on hard times.  Make someone else’s Christmas brighter this year.

Merry Christmas!