Supplement Reviews Round 2- TwinLab CleanSeries

I pride myself on being picky when it comes to my supplements.  Not only do I like a good taste and mixability with and powder product, I also like them to deliver on the promises they make.  While the TwinLab CleanSeries products didn’t really taste like the flavors they say they are, they were both good flavored, and they certainly delivered on performance.


To start, I tried the CleanSeries Pre-Workout Activator.  It’s called CleanSeries because it’s GMO-free and also free of “banned substances”, which means it has been tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping lab, HFL Sport Science. Athletes choosing to use supplements can use products like these that have been through this rigorous certification process.  The natural citrus flavor may be a bit tart for those that are just getting started on pre-workout drinks, so mix it with a splash of OJ and some water until you get used to it.  Since I’m a seasoned pre-workout drinker, I took my usual double dose (1/2 to start and then the other 1/2 midway through) and blasted through an intense workout.  With a combo of ginko, ginseng, rhodiola, lo han guo (a low glycemic fruit extract used as a sweetener), a carb “energy matrix” blend that includes waxy maize, beta alanine, and a good vitamin blend, I can honestly say this product works effectively.


After my workout, I followed up (as everyone should) with whey protein.  The TwinLab CleanSeries Vanilla Whey Protein doesn’t really taste like vanilla (it tastes more like almond), but it’s still a good taste.  It mixes well with both milk and water and it’s a good blend over all.  Like the pre-workout, it’s also gluten free/GMO-free, and free of banned substances, and it packs 23g of protein per serving with no fat, a good amino acid blend, and only 2g sugar.  I mixed one with water on the first day and mixed one with a banana and milk on the second day.  The milk and banana add to the creamy texture and I was surprised at how easily it blended.

I admire TwinLab for what they’re doing with this line of products and I would recommend the CleanSeries products for any athlete looking for a clean boost in performance and results.  You can go here for more info or to order.