Supplement Review Round 2- MRI


MRI has hit the market with a new Athlete Competitive Series and it’s some great stuff.  For the review, I checked out MRI-Surge Pre-Training Formula, Beta Charge (a stimulant free pre-training formula), and Immune Fit, an immune boosting drink mix.  This series prides itself on overall performance and the drive to constantly improve yourself, which is no surprise, considering the power this lineup is packing.

I started with the Beta Charge pre-training formula because I hadn’t had any luck with stimulant free preworkout drinks in the past.  Beta Charge has changed my perspective by providing a pre-training formula that allows the user to train hard at the gym and power through workouts without stimulants, so it’s even perfect for a late night workout.  It’s got over 3g of beta-alanine and a leucine/valine blend that buffers muscle fatigue, aids in a longer/harder workout, and has a great flavor.  It’s even gluten free and mixes well.

A few days later, I tried the Surge Pre-Training formula.  The formula is not only packed with vitamins, it’s also loaded with a great Nitrous Oxide boosting complex made up of 4 types of arginine, it has beta-alanine and citrulline malate, glutamine, taurine, and a bunch of other workout boosting ingredients and a little caffeine to boot.  I took my usual double dose (not recommended for beginners) and blasted through an intense full body, 1.5 hour workout.  The flavor was great (no bitterness and flavors taste natural and not too sweet) and easy to drink, and I’d recommend this for anyone looking to boost their performance and surpass their goals in the gym.

Immune Fit is made up of yeast’s almost flavorless, gluten-free, and is a superb immune boosting supplement.  It has been shown to alleviate rhinitus symptoms (stuffy nose), it’s been shown to help lower cholesterol, and it can even aid in recovery.  I like adding this to smoothies in the AM and after workouts because it doesn’t change the smoothie flavor and it blends well.  Yeast beta-glucan is a perfect addition to any healthy athlete’s regimen.

MRI has a few other products in this lineup that I haven’t tried, but I hope to add them to my product lineup in the future.  All in all, MRI has an impressive new lineup here and you should definitely check it out.