Supplement Review Round 2: 360Cut

I’ll be the first to admit, when I saw 360Cut was a supplement company based right here in Minnesota, I was a little skeptical about how good their premium-priced products could be…but after trying 360Cut products, I can honestly say these are worth every penny.  I tried the preworkout drink (360Pre), the recovery shake (360Post), the fat burner (360Lean), and the sleep formula (360Dreams).

Since I got the product after an evening at the gym, I thought I’d start with 360Dreams, the formula that supports restorative sleep and relaxation.  I have restless leg syndrome and take GABA to help me sleep, so I thought 360Dreams could possibly do the same thing.  Needless to say, I was surprised when it gave me the best sleep I’ve had in years.  The 360Dreams formula is solid: 5-HTP, GABA, Valerian Root, Picamilon (a niacin/GABA combo), L-Theanine and phenibut (another derivative of GABA).  Within 15 minutes of taking it, I was drifting off to sleep and I slept the whole night through.  I’d been used to waking up several times a night with leg pain, so it was definitely a surprise when I could sleep through the night.  It also didn’t make me wake up in a stupor either.  I simply woke up refreshed, feeling like I’d slept like normal people should sleep.  360Dreams is an outstanding sleep aid with no addictive ingredients.

I got up the next day and was ready to hit the gym again, so I moved on to the preworkout (360Pre).  I expected one of two results (fizzled workout or bad taste) since I hadn’t heard of 360Cut before, but what I got far surpassed my expectations.  I had the watermelon flavor and was surprised at how great it tasted.  It was a dead on “watermelon gum” flavor with no tang, no bitterness, and no odd aftertaste.  I cannot say enough about how great this tasted.  It mixed well too.  A few shakes with my shaker cup and it was ready to go.  I blew through leg and back day at the gym and had enough energy left over to do extra cardio.  It’s loaded with amino acids, magnesium, beta vulgaris root (which helps improve endurance my increasing blood circulation), creatine, caffeine, glucoronolactone (a naturally occurring compound from muscle tissue that can help improve endurance and alertness), and an extract of the king of herbs, Oxytropis, which has anti-inflammatory effects and pain fighting properties. 360Pre is the preworkout I’ve been waiting for and it’s definitely worth a try for anyone looking for a great tasting and performing preworkout.

360Cut’s recovery shake, 360Post is also a good product.  I had the chocolate flavor and mixed it with both water (day 1) and milk (day 2) and it mixed up right away without chunking.  With water, it is a little more of a bitter cocoa taste than with milk, but it makes a great smoothie with the milk, some banana and some Old Home peanut butter.  It’s gluten free too…don’t let “buckwheat protein” scare you.  Buckwheat is gluten free and is actually not wheat, it’s the “cousin” of rhubarb.  It’s made of Waxy Maize, whey protein, egg white protein, and the buckwheat protein and also some medium chain triglycerides which help promote lean muscle mass.  It’s a great recovery shake that promotes long term protein absorption.

Their fat-burner 360Lean is also a powerhouse.  I am used to taking the normal full dose with these things, and I can honestly say, the “full” 2 pill dose, twice a day with this one was definitely pushing it for me.  When it comes to fat burning, this is NOT your typical no-doz or green tea pill.  It’s got glucuronolactone, sulbutiamine (for energy and focus), caffeine, theobromine which helps decrease appetite, white willow bark extract (anti-inflammatory and pain reducer), 7-Keto (metabolism and thyroid stumilation). cayenne pepper (natural thermogenic that also helps with digestion), bioperine (concentrated form of black pepper extract), yohimbine (for blood flow), and toothed clubmoss herb extract (improves memory and concentration).  Holy cow is this THE fat-burner to try.  I’ve taken it for four days now and I can honestly say it works well.  Not only is my appetite decreased (no snacking), I’m also able to concentrate better at work and I’ve cut out energy drinks as a result.  It’s good stuff.

360Cut is located in Eden Prairie, MN which is nice to see from my perspective, and you can find their products on and here.  Their advisory board is made up of some pretty well-known (in the fitness industries) people too, which means the taste and formulas will always be solid.  Check them out today.