Supplement Review Round 2- Frog Fuel

FrogFuel Regular

This video is from Frog Performance’s website.

Frog Fuel..I can’t say enough about this protein.  Not only is it packaged in easy to use packets, it tastes good and works well.  This is not your typical protein..literally.  Instead of the typical whey, egg, casein, protein powder, Frog Fuel is an amino acid PACKED collagen protein that was developed by NAVY SEALs.  Collagen is found in our body’s connective tissue, tendons, joints and even teeth, and it’s the second most abundant substance in the body (1st is water). Almost 1/3 of the body’s protein is made up of collagen protein.  Collagen protein has stepped into the spotlight as the MUST HAVE protein for any fitness regimen because it’s been shown to actually help the body repair itself and regenerate joint tissue.  On top of that, it may also help boost metabolism, provide better skin elasticity, give an energy boost, and provide greater muscle retention.

FrogFuel Energized

The citrus and berry flavors are a little concentrated, but both flavors taste great.  There is no bad aftertaste and the liquid is “liquid-y” and not “jellyish”, which makes taking it even easier for those with texture issues.  It’s also got a 2-yr shelf life with no refrigeration, so if you fall off of the fitness wagon once or twice, Frog Fuel will always be there waiting when you get back on.  Did I also mention it’s gluten and lactose free?  Yup.  The designers thought of everything.

There are 4 varieties that you can take before, during, or after your workout:

Frog Fuel Regular: 15 Grams of protein, enhanced with Taurine and other aminos.

Frog Fuel Energized: Frog Fuel Regular plus 80mg of caffeine.

Frog Fuel Ultra: 10g of protein, beta-alanine and citrulline, plus electrolytes and 10g carbs.

Frog Fuel Ultra Energized: Frog Fuel Ultra plus 80mg of caffeine.

It’s easy to take, easy to pack, and easy to buy (  This is a great protein for anyone looking to try the next evolution in great fitness supplements.

Enjoy, I know I did.



If anyone would like to win a free 12pk of the regular Frog Fuel or the Energized Frog Fuel, the first one to email me wins a 12pk from Frog Performance!  Just send me an email with why you’d like to try Frog Fuel and include your full name and shipping address.


Update 2: We have a winner! Congrats to Brian! Enjoy your Frog Fuel and let me know what you think!