New format/5 years!

So due to errors on the backend side of the site, I’ve had to change my format yet again.  Since I’m making another change, I’ve also decided to combine it with the kick off for my 5th year of Minnesodad!

Yes, it’s been 5 whole years, and I hope you’ve enjoyed every post (or at least a few).

Here are some interesting facts about the last 5 years of Minnesodad:

Interesting facts:

*Olivia was 5 (almost 6) when I started.  She’s grown 15 inches since then.

*13,000 visitors were from the US last year.  Well over 14000 in total.
*None from China the Congo, or Chad.  Rats.  What is it with the C countries? Chile’s viewing Minnesodad..don’t you others want to be like Chile?
*Highest US state for viewing was Alaska.  I’m making that up.  People have better things to do in Alaska than view my blog..staying warm is probably one of them.
*Namibia had one person check out the blog.  Apparently the only guy in Namibia with internet likes my blog.
*Idaho.  Someone there probably viewed my blog, but I can’t see to that level, so I just said Idaho to get someone in Idaho to view this.  I’ll even tag #Idaho below.  Potato.
*When I started this blog, I was 262lbs (2009).  I dropped down to 207 and went back up to 240.  I am 230 now and dropping again.  I went from chubby to thin (no muscle), to bulky (muscle and creatine bloat), and I’m on the way to cut and lean.  It’s been interesting to see the changes.
*I’ve had 3 of the four big cellphone providers while doing this blog.
*I’ve been through 7 pairs of gym shoes while doing this blog.
*I’ve run/treadmilled/rowed approximately 1700 miles since starting my blog.
*I’ve gone from “at least a pop or sugary beverage a day habit” to coffee, water, milk, and the occasional energy drink.  Drinking periods not counted…love my Lost Island rum and coke and a good martini.
*I’ve consumed about 180lbs of protein powder since starting this blog. That may seem like a ton, but believe me, it’s light.
*I’ve spent around 600 hours at the gym since starting this blog.  I’ve also been a member of 4 gyms during this time.
I’ve met so many new people, made so many great friends, and had some great adventures along the way.  I’m glad you could join me for a few.  Stick around..there is more to come.

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