Supplement Review CTD Labs

Three amigos..

I recently spent a week trying the supplements of CTD Labs and I am more than happy to write about my praises for their lineup today.

I sampled three products: Noxipro Chrome- a stimulant based preworkout, Noxivol- a stimulant free preworkout/vasodilator, and Endurapro- an endurance and recovery formula.  I tried the preworkouts each once (and Endurapro after the two workouts), then tried one workout with a Noxipro Chrome/Noxivol mix and one workout with a Noxipro Chrome/Endurapro combo (took Noxipro Chrome first, then after 40 minutes, took Endurapro).  The results were phenomenal with each test…so much so, that I took an extra day to try just Noxipro Chrome again just to make sure I wasn’t imagining the awesome performance I had.  After the second time, I was convinced this was the best preworkout I’ve ever taken.

Noxipro Chrome comes in three flavors (fruit punch, grape, and pineapple strawberry).  I tried Fruit Punch in all three products and they tasted great..not too powerful, and not too sweet.  Noxipro Chrome mixes in seconds, and with a solid shake, has no sediment settling at the bottom of the shaker.  Their sales director advised that I start with just one serving rather than my usual double dose because it has something he calls “second gear”, which is a time released energy boost that kicks in during the workout (so you don’t waste the energy boost at the beginning and then slump later on).  He was dead on for calling that out.  The boost happened about 25 minutes into both workouts and it lasted until I was done.  Never before have I had a secondary kick in a preworkout, let alone a boost that was that effective.  Not only does Noxipro Chrome increase stamina and focus, it is very effective at reducing muscle fatigue and increasing performance.

Noxipro Chrome is loaded with performance.

Noxivol is basically a stim-free version of Noxipro Chrome and mixes and tastes the same way.  The advantage with Noxivol is the stim-free performance it provides which makes it ideal for a night workout, but it still gives the same results.  When mixed with Noxipro Chrome, Noxivol adds to the workout with extra pump, but without the over-stim jitters.  Taking the two together was, by far, one of the best workouts I’ve had.  One really cool thing about Noxivol is that is has Cissus quadrangularis in it.  Cissus is a vine that has been used in African and Asian medicine for years and is currently used to treat obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, weak bones, joint pain, asthma, and even back pain.

Noxivol has power without the stimulants.

Endurapro is the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned.  After you’ve torn through a solid workout (or if you’ve got some serious cardio in your workout), Endurapro is the endurance/recovery formula to make sure you can do it all again the next day.  It’s lactose free, has a 2:1:1 BCAA blend, a good advanced carb ratio, electrolytes to keep you going, and even 2g of protein.  Because it’s nice and light, it also goes down well after a workout on the drive home to make your protein shake.

Endurapro..It’s like a backup battery for your body.

Whether you’re in the market for a preworkout or an endurance/recovery drink, these three products are work like a dream and I’m happy I got to try them.  You really need to check them out..and you can do so here (there are also more products to try at their site).  You can also find them at Lockout Supplements and DPS Nutrition, and I hope to see them soon on  Not only are the products affordable, they’re also an incredible value for the price.

Check them out.  This is one brand I know you’ll enjoy!