Supplement Review: HPN High Performance Nutrition

I recently had the opportunity to try a few supplements from High Performance Nutrition.  It wasn’t the typical pre/post-workout, protein, or amino acid supplement that I’ve reviewed in the past, and it was pretty interesting experience.  ​I tried two products- HPN’s N(R), a NAD+ booster and multi-use supplement and F(1)​, their multivitamin. I took both supplements for an entire month and was VERY pleased with their results.
N(R) is a nicotinamide riboside supplement that has many benefits including metabolic boosting properties, raising endurance levels, and anti-aging properties…but what may be the MOST important benefit is the NAD+ boosting properties that protect cellular health in the brain and help prevent axonal degeneration and trauma.  It is because of this benefit that N(R) is being studied as a supplement to treat Alzheimer’s patients as well as patients that have undergone head trauma at some point in their lives.  If you’re in any contact sport, you should be taking N(R).
I’ve had quite a bit of head trauma in my life (Golf club in the forehead, falling off of Kris’s roof onto his driveway, the basic training, etc.,), but I was taking it to test the other benefits and I have to say it was effective in raising my metabolism (down an additional 4lbs for the month) and endurance (I’ve upped my game with cardio during my workouts and I can attribute my ability to adapt to N(R)).   It also increased my focus, big time.  My mind wanders at work (and at home, my wife would say) quite a bit and this helped me power through my workday, which usually includes staring at thousands of lines of data.
F(1) is a perfect multivitamin for both men and women.  In addition to the vitamin blend, this vitamin has chromium, L-Carnitine, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, an enzyme blend, an ORAC blend, and an antioxidant blend.  Men take 3 per day and women take 2 (if it’s the pill form), and there is a powdered form available too for those that like to mix the vitamins into the daily smoothie.  The vitamin digested well for me and gave me no side effects (no funky burps, etc).  I also liked that it was headache free.  Anyone that’s ever taken a GNC vitamin or some other “sports” vitamin can attest that some cause headaches (usually attributed to the Vitamin B level or quality).  Not so with F(1) was headache free and easy to take.
High Performance Nutrition supplements are Certified to be Safe for Sport, meaning they are safe for any amateur and professional athlete to take them without fear of potentially taking any sport-banned ingredients.  Pair that with top notch ingredients and you have a winning combo!
You can buy N(R) and F(1) here.  You can also buy at  Enjoy!