Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a fly-by..

Indian Male Making Faces
This guy knows what we’re talking about..

Katrina wrote:

​Have you ever been in the john and noticed someone next to you that does a “fly-by”?  It happens all of the time at my work.  Guys come in and drop one but barely even sit down.  They wipe once and they’re out the door again.  The bad part is, when they drop their jeans, I can see their name badge hanging on their belt.  It’s hard to look at someone face to face once you realize they do something like this.  It’s the weirdest, most disgusting thing I have ever seen.  We have coed bathrooms where I work, so if it’s a thing many guys ​do, I’m surprised because none of the guys I’ve dated have ever had messy undies and I’d imagine with doing a “fly-by” they are getting disgusting results.
I don’t really have a question, I’d just wondered if this is common.
THIS IS NOT COMMON.  Well, at least it’s not common with any guy I know personally.  I am sure there are men that are a single swiper, just as I am sure there are men that aren’t very good at cleaning themselves, but I can’t imagine standing above the toilet, taking aim, and hoping I don’t hit the rim.  Working in retail in my teens, I saw women’s restrooms that had scenes out of a f-ed up episode of CSI and issues like the one you describe (gone wrong…have you ever seen excriment spattered on a wall like it was thrown?  You can’t unsee that…), but I never once saw it in men’s rooms.  Maybe, like skinny jeans and capris, this is one other thing that is crossing genders from female to male and making everyone look dumber for doing it.