“My cologne? It’s Garliq..it’s new.”

Anonymous Female 34 wrote:
I just started seeing someone who was a smoker that turns out to have bigger issues.  He and I met online and talked for about a month before I met him.  I am not a smoker and he was.  By the time we met, he told me on his first date that quitting was something he’d do for me.  The problem is, I realize now that he REEKS of garlic because he eats it on everything.  It’s on his toast in the morning, it’s in his lunches, snacks and dinners.  He eats so much that it comes through his pores and he smells of garlic.  Personally, I like the smoke smell better.  He’s really nice and caring and we’ve had a great time so far, so how do I tell him to change his garlic eating habits without causing him to go back to smoking?
"Yeah I was- PHEW!  What the hell?  Were you born in an Olive Garden?"
“Yeah I was- PHEW! What the hell? Were you born in an Olive Garden?”
This seems a little passive-aggressive to me.  If he stinks, let him know nicely.  Tell him that the garlic smell comes through in his overall scent and ask him if he’s ever considered cutting back for the sake of those around him.  I work with people that have a curry scent coming through their skin (or on their clothing) and it is a bit much, but it’s their way of life and it wouldn’t be something they’d change.  If you’re a garlic fan, let him know you like it, but on food…not people.  If he won’t cut back, it’s up to you to decide if this is a deal breaker or not.  Hopefully, it’ll all work out.