It’s called a workout for a reason

Melissa wrote:


I recently joined a gym and hired a trainer to help get me back into shape.  The problem is, he’s really strict, lacks compassion, and can be pretty cruel when dishing out the workout routine.  I’ve never had a trainer before, so I am wondering, are all trainers like this or did I just pick a douche?


The face I make the day after leg day.
The face I make the day after leg day.



All good trainers are going to be strict and somewhat lacking in compassion when it comes to making sure you reach the goals you set.  The only thing I have to ask you is, does this trainer also support you with words of encouragement as he is kicking your ass at the gym?  If so, you found a keeper.  Trainers are there to keep you on track, guide you to complete your goals, and make sure you don’t slip up along the way.  If you can’t hack it, maybe it’s time to think long and hard about how serious you are about being in shape.  It’s called a workout for a reason…you work the hell out of your body.  Hopefully you can stick it out.