Life in cruise control


While driving on our trip, we were amazed by the number of people that didn’t use cruise control while on the highway.  They would be in front of us and slowly reduce speed (and we would pass them) then ten minutes later they would buzz by and eventually slow down again.  Annoying doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Here we have a free device in our car that regulates speed and improves gas mileage, thereby making life easier on the drive.  We can talk more, enjoy our drive, and all we need to do is steer and occasionally brake when some jackass is going slow in the left lane.  Such a great tool and yet, some people don’t use it.

Here is where I relate this experience to life…

We have so many things in our lives that can be utilized to make life easier and give us more time with the people we cherish, yet we waste these resources by overusing them or not even recognizing the value they have in our lives. We get stressed and break down without even realizing the tools around us that can make life easier.  Smartphones, computers, and even friends and family can add to our enjoyment of life if we don’t overlook them or abuse the relationships we have with them.  Its also better if everyone uses these tools rather than one person messing things up for everyone.

Flip on cruise and enjoy your ride through life…and don’t be the jackass going slow in the left lane.