I’d hit it.

Maylene wrote:

I have been dating a guy that is making me question men in general so I thought I’d send my first email and see what you think.

This guy makes comments about other women like, “I’d hit it” (walking by someone once), “MmmMmmm” (when he saw a woman a wedding I took him to), and “you’d look good with a body like that” (which led to my email).  I took it quietly for the first two, but the last one reduced me to tears.  I confronted him and he said all guys do things like this.  Do they?  I have seen guys check women out, but do they make comments?



Not all guys make comments.  In fact, I’d say any guy that makes comments like that toward the woman they are dating deserves a butt kicking by his significant other.  Some guys may say, “well I have to be honest”…to those guys, read below.  Maylene, you need to confront this guy and let him know you won’t allow him to talk to you this way.  Explain how it makes you feel and tell him to stop.  If he can’t, it is time to leave.

To the guys,
Imagine if the woman you loved suddenly said to you, “you’re a distant third compared to the last two guys I dated”.  It would make you inadequate and it would suck…so why would you make someone you’re with feel that way?  Knock it off.