So many showers

Melissa Ann wrote:

Am I wrong to think there are too many “shower” events these days?  My best friend (I love her but I am annoyed) had an engagement shower, a bridal shower, a housewarming party and a wedding shower all last year and is having a baby shower and birth shower this year.  What the heck is the difference between a bridal shower+wedding shower and a baby shower+birth shower?  One is before and one is after the event.  People are supposed to bring gifts to ALL of these events and I think its just rude to expect people to shell out for all of these events.  I skipped her baby shower and got a sob story of a letter of Facebook about it, so I am writing you to see what you think.  Is this the norm now?  Don’t people buy their own things anymore?

Melissa Ann

And clearly overkill.

Melissa Ann,
Your friend sounds a little greedy if she is expecting gifts at all of these events.  Even if she isn’t necessarily expecting gifts, holding this (clearly excessive) number of “showers” is also ridiculous.  A before AND after shower is unnecessary for any event and I don’t blame you for skipping out on one of them.

This is not the norm by any means. Personally, I think the purpose of these types of celebrations is to celebrate the milestone in life.  To celebrate it twice is overkill.  It would be like having a pre-birth birthday and a birthday.  No one cares about the day you didn’t pop out of a vagina…and with good reason.

If you feel the need to respond to your friend, tell her how you feel about the excessive showers.  Remind her how you feel about her and her milestones, but also remind her that you will always be happy for her without all of the extra ado.

Good luck.