All’s fair

We went to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday and thought it would make a great post.  No pics of guys in tiny cutoffs wearing socks with sandals, no mullet pics, and no braless 70 year old women in a tank top pics either..just words with this one.

I am always excited for the fair, but I am always disappointed when I get there.  The food is usually excellent (except the frozen custard I had this time…explanation coming), but it is the people that ruin it for me. 

The fair is not a place to let your kids run around barefoot, plowing through the crowd and making people spill their food/drink because you are tired of looking after them.  On a similar note, it is not an excuse to not bathe or wear deodorant because you think you will “be sweaty anyway”. 

The fair is not the place to stop suddenly and stand in walkways or food lines.  Many of the others at the fair are either trying to get somewhere or get in a line and when you stop suddenly and bottleneck the flow of people, you’ve now pissed off everyone behind you. 

And finally, the fair is not the place to have a full on conversation with your friend working at the food booth.  A food line is a “get in-get out” type of activity, not a time to get 10 friends in line to chat with the person giving out food.

Speaking of food, it would be nice to see more vendors go gluten free or do a better job of guaranteeing gluten free food is not contaminated.  It’d also be nice to see a frozen custard stand actually serve frozen custard instead of soft serve foam.

All of those annoyances aside, I like the fair.  Its nice to see politicians out greeting people, it is nice to see families having fun, it is nice to try different foods, and it is always great to see tv personalities deal with the issues of being out of the studio (Microphone issues, clips not loading, weirdos in background shots,etc.,).

I complain about the issues at the fair, but I will be there next year, perhaps even right next to the stinky couple eating cheese curds with their barefoot kid splashing in the mystery puddle.