My daughter wrote this and I love it.

Olivia is raising her game as a kid and is diving deep into writing and science at school.  She had to cook a meal as a project and she cooked this:


It is Turkey-ranch burgers, asparagus, and a nicely prepared acorn squash.  To drink, a watermelon mint puree.

She nailed it.

When she presented her project, which included a menu and cost per plate as well as nutrition information, she was asked for the central idea.

Needless to say, my daughter hit the idea on the head but then went for the gusto with this:

“To me, this central idea is kind of like a ripple of water. The drop falls in the body of water and sends out an entire ripple changing the way it flows. Our beliefs and values are the drop, the ripples are the impact and our personal health and relationships are the body of water. What ever we do, say and think affects our entire life and changes everything. If we think that how much exercise we get is not important then we may have many heart and obesity problems but if we believe that exercise is very important then we may live longer. It pretty much revolves around  what we were taught when we are growing up, you may not believe everything you parents teach you but a lot of it does affect your life and the way you think. Our values are also very big in our decision making and the way we look at things. For example, I believe in God and I may look at life differently than someone who does not believe in God. The way I value my family also changes the way I do things. For example, if I make my decisions based on my family and their needs I will most likely make different choices than people who don’t value their family as much as I. Our personal health and relationships are most of our lives and it is based upon who and what we value and what we believe. We may marry someone who has the same religious beliefs as us, or we may hang out with someone who has the same values as us. And last of all, our personal health. Our personal health affects the way we do things. Like we may believe that being healthy is very important so we may not eat as much fast food or junk food as someone who doesn’t believe that, therefore it affects the way we do things. This is the end of my Central Idea paragraph and I really hope you enjoyed what I thought and wrote!”

I know I am her dad, but hearing her recite this made me so proud that she is growing up with such a good personality.



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  1. Sean,
    This is awesome. Great blog! Your daughter definitely understood our unit of inquiry and the central idea. She could already be a nutritionist! -Frank

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