Go the distance

BW99 wrote:

I like to do run walks but have started dating someone that likes to run a mile or more.  How do I improve my abilities so I can run with him?  I keep feeling the need to walk when I try.


To improve your mile time, try interval training.  Try sprinting (as fast as you can) for 1/4 mile, then walking for 1/4, then sprinting 1/4, then walking to the finish.  The next time, sprint 1/4, jog 1/4, walk 1/4, sprint 1/4.  After that, push yourself to eliminate the walk and replace it with a jog or sprint.  Finally, just run 1 mile…you should notice you can also go farther with ease.  Obviously, this can be done with or without your boyfriend, but if you want to surprise him, try this on your own time.