Arm issues.

Tony Q wrote:


In the past 8 weeks I have lost 25lbs and have begun to trim up my flab that had accumulated over the past 10 years.  My man boobs are almost gone and my arms are beginning to take shape.  The problem I am having is sore arms.  After changing up my workout, my arms have been incredibly sore!  My biceps and triceps are so sore that it’s difficult to even get through each workout.  My question is, how do I overcome this?  I’d like to keep working out, but this soreness is making that awfully hard.

Tony Q

Tony Q,

I’ll assume you’ve tried ibuprofen.  If not, start there.  Massages and ice packs can help too, as does alternating hot and cold packs.  Protein after a workout is essential, as are BCAAs, and I’d even recommend a daily intake of ginger as well (studies show it can reduce exercise soreness by 25% if taken regularly).

Changing up an exercise routine after doing the same motions can cause soreness because your muscles are performing a new motion and it can take a little time to adjust.  In fact, I am currently dealing with the same issue after waiting too long to change up my exercise routine.  It’s natural and it should pass once you get a few days into the routine.

What I’d be concerned about is when the soreness has continued for over a week.  If this is the case, you should take a 1-2 day downtime from lifting and let your muscles recover.  If more time is still needed after the downtime, take it, but keep up with the cardio.  You may have strained a muscle, damaged connective tissue, or have overworked your muscles without proper supplementation and nutrition.

Evaluate your nutrition, protein intake, supplementation, and your own pain level.  If it’s a 9 on your scale of 10, definitely take that break.  If it’s a three, treat it properly and get back to it.  See a doctor or specialist if necessary.

Good luck.