So I walk into Kwik Star in Iowa on Saturday to buy an espresso (yes, espresso…and yes, it was decent).  When I get in there, an employee wandering the coffee section greeted me and asked what I was looking for.

Me: “Your new espresso.”

She lights up and points me to a large machine with a touch screen.

Woman: “We got this from Switzerland a few days back.  Its pretty sophisticated.”

She points to the touch screen and asks, “What exactly do you want?”

I hold out a cup and say, “A medium mocha please.”

The woman grabs my cup and places it on the rack below the coffee dispenser then she touched MEDIUM on the screen and then MOCHA.

My coffee came out.  She was beaming as she handed it to me. 

I thanked her.  Two buttons are sophisticated? 
Guess gas station espresso hasn’t caught on everywhere yet.