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P wrote:


Long time reader here, hoping you can help with something.  I just started seeing a guy who is sexy, manly, intelligent, and he’s even in a band.  Unfortunately, that is also the issue.  I went to see one of his gigs and realized he makes ridiculous faces while playing guitar.  It was so bad, I don’t even see a future with him anymore, I just see his horrible faces.  How do I get past this? DO I get past this?



Let me show you this:

seems normal...
seems normal…

See the woman on the right?  Her name is Este and she is bassist for Haim. She seems normal….then she starts playing and this happens:


Her face contorts like she is walking in shoes made of live baby kittens.

She plays more and…


Good lord.  Are those guitar strings made of glass?  She struggles on and..


She is apparently pained by her abilities.  Either that or she lost control of her bowels.

What I am trying to say “P”, is, there are plenty of people that have quirks.  Some people can deal with these quirks, while others can’t.  If you can’t deal with his quirks, don’t worry about it and just let him know it won’t work.  If his faces are as freaky as Este here, chances are he has heard it before.  If you like him more than just an ugly face once in awhile, deal with it.

Just in case Este reads this, I am not picking on her..here are plenty of other guitar faces:

BB King remembers he is famous every time he plays..
BB King remembers he is famous every time he plays..
John Mayer has seizures..
John Mayer has seizures..
Geddy Lee's lips swell..
Geddy Lee’s lips swell..
And Jonny Lang farts over a candle.
And Jonny Lang farts over a candle.

Sleep well thinking of all of those faces.