Supplement Review: ASR (ASResearch)

Time for another supplement review!  I recently had the pleasure of trying 3 products from ASR and I am certainly loving the results.  On top of kicking my workouts to the next level, I also added more muscle to my physique and I have ASR to thank for the results.


My workouts started out with ASR’s Invincible, a delicious fruit punch flavored preworkout (it actually isn’t the typical “fruit punch flavor”, it is more of a tropical cherry citrus punch) that delivers on the promises it makes.  It kicks in very quickly, but doesn’t overpower with jitters, it just gives a long lasting energy that lasted all of the way through my workouts.  It has beta-alanine, glutamine, L-arginine, L-carnitine, citruline, caffeine, rhodiola rosea, and L-histidine, among others.  The ingredients are important because they provide great results, but the dosages of the ingredients are what make this product an outstanding value.  Top that off with the refreshing flavor and it is a winner in anyone’s book.


Since my workout demand was boosted, I started HyperGain Black to improve the results.  This is THE supplement to increase muscle growth and strength.  Creatine Magnapower provides a creatine with a higher bioavailability and improved protein absorption, AlphaSize A-GPC reduces physical and mental fatigue and sharpens agility, Kre-Alkalyn provides ph balanced muscle support, agmatine sulfate helps relieve pain and regulates NO levels in the body, GP L-carnitine acts as a powerful antioxidant and improves the metabolism of fatty acids (it can even help protect your kidneys), and vanadyl sulfate which can help insulin levels and improves vascularity.  HyperGain Black was one I took daily, and it gave me better results than I ever thought possible.


The final supplement was Shred360, a fat burner that also provides a solid energy boost without the jitters.  The ingredients in this powerhouse help break down fat cells, kills cravings, and gives a solid boost of energy.  One of my biggest pet peeves is a pill that smells or tastes horrible, and most fat burners do stink to an extent, but that is NOT the case here…Shred360 has a faint raspberry smell to the it is easy to toss a few in your pocket for the afternoon dose.

ASR supplements work, pure and simple.  Not only, do they work, they work well.  You can check them out here and visit their blog, which has some great workout tips, here.  A supplement company that gives you the knowledge AND supplements to reach your goals?  Yeah, that’s ASR.