2014 and the road ahead.

2014 was a doozy of a year (in a good way).  Along with a new job, there were adventures with the family and friends, new changes for Olivia in school, and a fun vacation to Missouri.

On a sad note, we also said our final goodbyes to my other grandfather Peter.  On top of being a WWII veteran (and recipient of many many many medals), he was a solid member of his community in the Madison area, and a wonderful grandfather and great-grandfather.  He will be missed.

Minnesodad had a great year as well.  Despite posting less, we had the same number of readers as last year.  The US had the most readers, but Brazil was second and Canada was third for visitors.  I completed more supplement reviews this year than ever before and I gained a new following of fit-friends as a result.  For those of you that read the non-supplement posts…have no fear, my emails are once again on the rise and I will have more on the way.

Life takes us all on many different turns..and I won’t say much, but this may be my final year.  My journey in life has begun to require more time away from the tablet, and with good reason…so we will see how it goes.  In any event, it will be an incredible year.  Keep checking in.