Tech Review: LG G Pad 7inch.

My laptop died in fall and I came to the realization that I fall into the tablet user category more than the laptop user category. Sure, I use a laptop for work, but in my personal life, I am more content driven than anything. I am not a hardcore gamer, I don’t use graphic editing tools for anything, and I mainly need something on which I can answer emails, write my blog posts, and watch my Amazon Prime. Now, I could do some of that on my phone, but sometimes, I just need a bigger screen and better processing power than a phone can offer.

7 and 10 inch
7 and 10 inch

The LG G Pad I had a chance to try was an awesome treat. I tried the 7 inch version, but it also comes in a 10 inch version as well, if you want an even bigger screen. It features LG’s Knock On technology that let’s you tap the screen to wake it up. Having this on my LG Phone is amazingly handy and I found it just as handy on a tablet. Once the screen goes to sleep, just knock twice to wake the screen and you’re up and running again.

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The screen is responsive and setup is user friendly. Olivia was able to get logged in and ready to go within minutes and we were watching YouTube videos seconds later. The clarity on the 7″ IPS display is outstanding too. Colors are vivid and crisp, even with fast motion. The quad core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon allows for good video playback with no lag either, so even gaming looks great.

Apparently my phone doesn't do justice for this awesome screen.
Apparently my phone’s camera doesn’t do justice for this awesome screen.

Another great thing about the LG G Pad is the battery life. In a world where tablets are plentiful, the battery life on the G Pad really sets it above other tablets I have seen. Right out of the box, the LG G Pad provided over 6 hours of solid use. After charging, it was a good 9 full hours of video playing before the 4000mAh battery needed another charge. On standby, it can even last up to 29 days!

Yes, my phone is named McDonalds.
Yes, my phone is named McDonalds.

One really cool feature of the LG G Pad is Q Pair…the ability to pair your tablet with your phone’s different features (above). Left your phone upstairs while you watch Shrek with the kids on the main floor? No biggie. Once paired with your phone, texts and calls come right to the tablet so you can remain productive while you get entertained.


Speaking of productive, there is also a dual screen option that allows you to snap two different apps to each half of the screen. You can take notes on Romeo and Juliet while you watch it on the other half of your screen, or you can text while you Skype. The possibilities are endless!


The ONLY thing I found wasn’t as good as I hoped is the overall volume of the tablet. It was great while holding it, but when I set it down, it seemed pretty muted. I fixed the issue by plugging it into my soundbar, but if I was using it while I got dressed in the morning, it may not be loud enough just sitting on the dresser.

This tablet offers quite a bit for a quite a low cost. The tablet is $149 for the 7″ and $249 for the 10″, so it won’t break the bank, but you still get some great features. If the onboard 8gb storage isn’t enough, you can also pop in another microSD card for up to 32gb extra storage. All in all, the LG G Pad is worth every cent.

Check it out at Best Buy or by clicking here.