Left behind

Anyguy33 wrote:  Why do men and women have different standards about leaving “someone behind” when they go out?

With guys, we go out and if a guy hooks up with someone, the other guys let him go or leave him behind and move on.  With women, it seems like the man that finds a woman has to wade through a wall of estrogen and discover two of the woman’s friends won’t let her leave with him.

What’s up with that? 


It may seem unfair, and what I am about to say may ruffle the feathers of those seeking total gender equality, but I feel women defend while guys let go because guys have a general ability to overpower women (again, on a general basis) and create an unsafe or extremely dangerous situation for a woman who is alone.

Men have a general understanding that they can be okay physically on their own, but women seem to fear being alone because of the potential danger of being alone with a male.  We males haven’t kept a good track record…just look at the headlines in the paper each week and you’ll see examples.

You may have the best intentions and you may be totally decent as a person…but many men before you haven’t been decent, and that has put a stain on all of us.