Grass is greener in friend’s pasture..

Celicia wrote:


Help!  My best friend “Alice” is absolutely gorgeous and it draws all of the attention away from me when we go out!  I am not exaggerating.. My friend is 5’9″, 160lbs and a damn D cup.  A. DAMN. D. CUP!!

I am 5’7, 183lbs, and an A cup.  My hair is mousey, and I can’t ever seem to be fashionable.  Some of my friends try to be polite, and give me compliments when we go out, but the men always show interest in “Alice”.

How do I get more attention?  Do I talk to my friend, and if so, how do I tell her she is too gorgeous.


Confidence goes a long way.  If you’re Debbie Downer with me, I can only imagine how extreme it is with your non-Alice friends when Alice is around. 

Your boobs aren’t big and you have a little more curve in your streets, but there are guys out there that are into that.  What will drive them away is when you’re obsessing and whining about how you look if you’re out with Alice. 

If she isn’t actively stealing guys away from you, forget the ones that go for her and look for some others while she is busy chatting.  Be confident, be conversational, and be yourself.  There are a ton of guys that look for those qualities first.  The guys that go for looks first aren’t guys you want to end up with.