Built like a blade of grass.

HB21 wrote:

I am 6ft3 and 199lbs- I can’t seem to gain any size on my frame.  I have worked out quite a bit for the past few years and no matter what I do, I am still built like a blade of grass.  I am stick thin from head to toe.  What am I doing wrong?


I reached out to clarify some of your statements but I haven’t heard back, so I will give you a general response.  I see two things potentially holding you back…not enough protein and improper exercise sets or bad form.

1.  Protein is essential to muscle mass and density.  If you’re looking to add lean muscle, you should be consuming no less than .8g of protein per pound of bodyweight per day.  If you’re doing things “the natural way” (meaning no protein supplements), you’ll be consuming the equivalent of 8 chicken breasts or 3200 calories per day, which will certainly add weight to your frame, but it will likely be the wrong kind of weight. You need protein supplements.  I recommend any of the protein powders I have reviewed here.

2.  If your workouts are mainly cardio based and you’re not lifting heavy weight, you aren’t giving your muscles what they need to gain size.  Along with that, if you ARE lifting but you’re cutting your sets short or using bad form, you’re cheating your muscles out of what they need to grow.  Check your form and complete your sets to get better results.

Good luck!