Supplement Review: Hydrolagen

I recently had a chance to review Hydrolagen and I must say, it definitely worked for me.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, our joints lose flexibility and begin to ache, our hair loses luster, and we begin to have issues with blood flow.

Hydrolagen is hydrolyzed collagen in a powder form and it can potentially fix those symptoms. Hydrolagen contains a unique blend of non-essential amino acids (amino acids that are synthesized in the body but produced less regularly as we age) along with vitamin C and B to help repair connective tissue, improve joint flexibility, repair hair/skin/nails, and even increase libido.

I will be honest, Hydrolagen’s vanilla flavor was a bit too strong on its own, but it blended well with protein and made for a great smoothie with a multitude of fruit combinations. It mixes well, has no clumping, and made my joints feel great. After four or five days of taking Hydrolagen, I also noticed my flexibility improving. I can’t wait to see how things are when I finish all of the container.

I’d recommend Hydrolagen to anyone looking to add a worthwhile supplement to their diet. Check them out here.