Don’t get offended..

Anonymous wrote:

I am offended that you promote supplements and talk about health in the same posting.  I feel the only way to live a healthy life is to be free of man made products and the fact you feel supplements are “healthy” is disturbing.  There is not one supplement out there that has not been man made.  Shame on you. Healthy is truely healthy.


Do you mean to tell me my pink colored Ubervita RocT preworkout doesn’t get harvested from a mountain top?  Damn.

First off, you’re right.  Supplements are man made…but it doesn’t mean they are bad (to everyone but you).  Some are very artificial, but many, if not most, strive to put natural ingredients into what they make and supplements as a whole help us live better and healthier lives.

(To clarify this next part up front, I am not talking about racial/sexual/gender discrimination here…I think discussion is always good on those topics to further a unified understanding. You don’t have to like it, you just need to understand it.)

Secondly, I don’t really care if you’re offended.  If seems today like everyone wants everyone else to change when they feel offended.  I say screw that.  People are increasingly wanting the things they say, hear, and do to be “their way” or they get offended.  If you don’t like people eating meat, don’t go where people eat meat.  If you don’t like people wearing fur, stay away from them.  If you don’t like a restaurant’s way of sourcing their food, don’t go there.

Life isn’t a Subway sandwich.  Sometimes, you just get what you get, whether you like it or not.  If you don’t like what you see, hear, or do, don’t be a part of it. You may be offended by this, but in today’s world , our opinion is better understood by where we choose to spend your money than where we complain.

Congratulations on your non-man-made material life.  No cereal, no milk, no chips, no bars, no beer or wine, no deodorant, no bedsheets, no house.  Its all man made, so I imagine you avoid them..and it has all made you a very productive member of society if you troll websites just to spout off your opinion.

Life is better spent enjoying the things we love than complaining about the things we hate.