Not complimentary

Jean wrote:

Hi there.  Glad you’re back.  I have a dilemma.  My husband never compliments me…not on how I look, not on things I do, not on how I am.  There is no complimenting me at all.  We are newly married after two years of dating and I really thought this would change.  It hasn’t, and now I am wondering why I married him.

What do you think?



This is definitely odd, but have you asked him WHY he doesn’t give compliments?  I’d love to know…you didn’t mention talking with him about it.

Start there.  If he gives you a reason why and it doesn’t work with you, communicate that to him as well and try to work through it.  If he won’t talk about it, there may be a larger issue.

I asked a few guys and most said they try to compliment their mate.  Two said they’d never even thought about it and would try to think about it more.  While I think there are guys that don’t think about giving compliments, I don’t know of one that absolutely doesn’t give them.