Danger to her son..?

“A” wrote:

Sean, can you lend advice to my friend Amber?  She seems to jump from relationship to relationship, introducing guy after guy to her young child without any concern for what she is teaching the child about relationships.  She is basically going from friendly to serious in a matter of days and even stays at these guys houses with her child!  I am scared for her.  She has been in several situations in the past that have been relatively dangerous, and I worry she will eventually endanger her child.

I have tried talking to her.  She just gets upset.  How do I approach this topic with her to let her know her friends and I are all concerned for her wellbeing?


Well “A”,

I am sure you’ve made your viewpoint known.  If she chooses not to listen, there isn’t anything you can do for her.  That said, if you feel your friend’s behavior is presenting a true danger to her child, I recommend calling child protective services and letting them investigate the matter.  Seriously.

She is an adult and she can make her own decisions, but if her decisions are putting this child in potentially harmful situations, she may need some help and her child definitely needs some help to get into a safer situation.

I hope you can bring your friend, but especially her child, some help.

Also, where is the dad?