Drive me crazy

@nonymous wrote:

My girlfriend doesn’t like driving.  At first, I thought it was cute when she didn’t drive and I could pick her up, but after 6 months, I see what a hassle it is.  She also revealed she never even got her license 6 years ago, so she couldn’t drive if she wanted. She said at first, she was helping the planet.  I probed a little and she said she just didn’t like to drive.  Who doesn’t like driving??

I live 20 minutes away on a good traffic day.  It’d be nice to meet in the middle and not have to drive her home once in awhile.  We don’t live in a gigantic city either so its not like I have an option that I am overlooking. How do I tell my girlfriend her not driving drives me crazy?


In my past, I have dated women that don’t drive or don’t own cars and it sucked. I imagine it may be easier in a city like NYC or Chicago, but in MN, its no good.  Public transportation sucks here for the most part (it takes our Green Line light rail an hour to go between Minneapolis and Saint Paul…I can drive that in under 15 minutes) so I like driving.  When people reveal to me they don’t like to drive, it boggles my mind.

To those that would argue its for the benefit of our planet, I call BS.  Your plastic food wrappers, rubber soled shoes, and your Netflix binge watching are harming the planet more than an occasional drive.

I’d recommend telling her you don’t like driving all of the time and see what she says.  Hopefully she can see your side and you can understand hers.  If she reveals why she really doesn’t like driving, maybe that will lead to further discussion.  If she says it won’t work, move on…or I should say, drive on.