Resume landing


You said you moved up professionally.  I am just entering the professional world and I am wondering what I need to do to move up.  I am three weeks into an office job and I want to know what it takes to get into management so I can make more money and have more vacation time.  I have a degree, so I think it’s odd that my Bachelor’s Degree in Art isn’t making me more money.  I’d hate to think it was all for nothing.  Any tips? I hate my cube.


Three weeks in and you want to move up?  You want more money and more vacation?  Well, my advice is learn the job inside and out…put in some effort…learn new things and learn to find efficiencies in processes.  Show your employer that every year you’re working there you can save them at least twice what you’re paid and you will move up.  It won’t be in weeks, but maybe months or years.

I don’t know your age, but I am guessing you’re young and feeling ambitious.  That’s good.  You also seem like you’re owed something in life.  That’s bad.  An employer doesn’t owe you anything but respect.  Now, it’s true some people have things handed to them, but most of us have to earn success in life.  Don’t expect anything to be given to you and work hard for everything you want.  It will pay off.  It may not always be glamorous or fun, but it will end up being more rewarding than the alternative.

Your success is up to you.  Earn it every step of the way.