Nailed it

One thing that is becoming increasingly frustrating is the “headline speak” that is taking over Internet news and social media.

“Hillary Clinton decimates Bernie Sanders in…”

“With one word, homeless man obliterates views of…”

“Morgan Freeman annihilates disbelievers with…”

“No one saw it coming when…”

“Bearded hipster destroys views of being the hippest hipster with bearded IPhone”

“Woman completely loses it when she found out she was addicted to pie..”

Okay, I made the last two up. 

It’s just really annoying that articles have to have the “one-up” headline. What’s a one-up headline?  It’s the headline that tries to outdo the others by making the content seem like the most important thing you have ever seen…virtually the print equivalent of TYPING IN ALL CAPS ALL OF THE TIME.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see something less final…no obliteration, no destruction, and no decimation.  Just tell me it is important or interesting and I will read it if it appeals to me.  I just ignore the “one-up” headlines. Typing in caps can be useful, but not if that’s all there is.

We live in the age of content.  We also live in the age where everyone wants everyone to believe what they believe.  Stop believing in everything and believe in something important to you (don’t put too much value in messages everyone else feels you should believe).  I hope you can see through the crap and find value in what actually makes sense to you.  IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER.