Water under the bridge PT2

I was stuck in South Dakota, or I felt I was.  Kris made a comment several times that living in “the cities” changed me for the better.  I was more outgoing and I was a little more fearless, but I was also impatient with smaller town life.  Life was moving so fast around me, but I felt like I was standing still. 

I made trips back to St Paul while on the way home to my family in Iowa.  I’d try to visit my friend Adam or other people I knew, or stop in at my “old job”, but I would always leave, feeling like I was heading back to a town where I loved the people, but felt uncomfortable with the town itself.  I felt like a snake in old skin that I couldn’t shed.

I moved back to Iowa that winter because I felt a change of scenery to a slightly larger town would be beneficial.  I thought that would fix my dilemma for sure…I was wrong.