Water under the bridge PT4

I moved to Minnesota again.  My dad was nice enough to help me find a place in Apple Valley.  School was starting soon, and he took every opportunity to remind me of it as we lugged a 200lb couch up two flights of stairs to my apartment.

I had decided to be a radio DJ after visiting my friend Adam and his girlfriend down in Iowa.  They were both DJs and I had realized how much music was a part of my life.  Napster was released that fall and I must have downloaded a few hundred thousand songs in preparation for a radio career.

I was working at Home Depot, living paycheck to paycheck, but I had never felt more alive.  I made friends with three guys.. Dennis, Brian and Joe at school and would see Kris or Josh whenever they came to town. 

I got an internship at a radio station that spring, after the school I was going to tried telling us we would start our careers in small town.  I was convinced I’d prove them wrong, so I got the internship to start off on the right path.  Brian and Joe also joined me and we had a blast.  My first concert of my life was a three day festival, meeting multiple rock stars, and partying from sundown to sun up.  I was celebrating that I finally felt like I was home again.

Radio didn’t work out.  After 9/11, the industry changed and I eventually moved on.  I can look back the 6 years I spent as a DJ with fondness, but it just wasn’t a career that would pay the bills.  Despite the career change, I still felt at home in Minnesota.    


What has always fascinated me was the draw of this city.  It has endured prohibition and mobsters, weathered a logging boom, fostered a Minnesota music scene in the 80’s (thanks Prince) and 90’s (thanks Semisonic and Soul Asylum), and it is an ever-changing mess of a life that always provides a beauty that can’t be found anywhere else.  Whether I am walking to work and taking pictures of beautiful buildings, hiking in any of the amazing parks, or out people watching, I am always amazed at the beauty of my city.  I may see incredible sights when I travel, I may adore South Dakota, I may be born in Iowa, but I found my life and love in Minnesota.


My daughter was born here, and in a matter of weeks, my son will be too.  I hope someday, they find the same beauty I see here.  Plain and simple, Minnesota my home and there is no place like it.