I guess this is growing up.

The baby is almost here.  It’s May, and it’s gorgeous outside.  Stephanie is asleep on the couch and I can see the baby moving inside of her from across the room. Olivia is finishing up her last month of 7th grade and the new baby will be along in weeks or days (I am leaning more toward a matter of days, personally…).

I worked two to three jobs when Olivia was first born.  I had just enough time to pick her up, eat, and put her to bed during most days, but we managed to have fun when we could.  She is a teenager now, and while she still spends time with us in the evenings (when I was that age, I spent most of my evenings watching TV in the basement),  it won’t be long before she develops a social life and we start seeing her less after dinner.  It will be an interesting dynamic raising a teen and a newborn at the same time. 

I hope Olivia sees the value in spending time with her newborn brother…the 13 year age gap is a big one, but she is such a good person and I think she will be an excellent role model for her little brother.

I am glad I have more time these days.  I feel like I work quite a bit, but at least it’s not 3 jobs and a drive between them.  Income is better than it was back in 2003 too, so there are more options for activities.  I look forward to new adventures and experiences with our new, larger family.