Dad Brand

Little Jacob joined our family about a month ago and it’s been a haze of sleeplessness, bottles, crying (sometimes the baby does it too), and diaper changing.

It’s a great feeling being a dad twice over, and knowing that my daughter is into her teens and doing very well for herself, I am a little more confident handling our newborn.

The number one question I get when people find I have a teen and a newborn is, “Is there anything you are going to different this time?”

With the exception of not working three jobs, I think Olivia turned out well, so I plan on keeping my “dad brand” the same.  

The really cool thing I look forward to is sharing the moments I missed the first time with Olivia and my wife and seeing Olivia’s face as she sees her little bro reach these milestones I missed with her.

I am also realizing again how difficult the first few months are with a newborn.  I have backed out of my driveway to head to work and have been so tired, I have forgotten where I am headed…twice.  

9.5 years ago, I started this site as a single dad trying to make a good life for my daughter and I.  Since then, I have moved up professionally, gotten married, raised a wonderful daughter (with help from her moms, of course), and we now have a new addition to add to our great adventure in life.  

There are more posts coming…just let me get this little guy a solid start.