Life in the burbs

Jacob is almost 6 months old.  Olivia is 13 1/2.  I’ve started a new job and I’m about two months in.  We are all healthy and happy.

Life out here in the burbs is nice.  We are decorating our house exterior for Christmas for the first time, which I am excited about.

I never thought I’d end up here when I started this blog in 2009.  I continue to push myself in personal and professional endeavors, and I try to encourage those around me to do the same.

Life is what you make it folks.  If you feel life is overwhelming, it’s because you’re letting it overwhelm you.  If you feel the world is a bad place, it’s because you’ve lost sight of the good things.  If you feel no one loves you, it’s because you aren’t loving yourself.  If you feel your career path sucks, it’s because you’ve settled and you aren’t learning new skills to take you further. Every sunrise is only as beautiful as the witness to that sunrise believes it is.

I have a few more posts to close out the year.  Stick around.