I have been avoiding politics on my site because they’ve become so divisive lately, but after getting over 30 emails asking whether or not I like or hate our government, I thought I’d respond.  I will keep this as light as possible.

First, let me say that no matter what side you’re on, the constant whining and protesting is embarrassing.  I was pissed when George W got elected.  I was even more pissed when he got reelected.  I didn’t go block traffic, light someone’s car on fire or throw around hate speech on Facebook.  I just dealt with it.  There are those that would say the protests are Americans making progress.  I will tell you flat out, you’re right…It’s pushing people away from your cause.  If you are preventing people’s life events from happening, your argument is automatically invalid in my eyes.  If you’re saying hateful things or breaking laws, I will never see your viewpoint because I just see your misdeeds.

Adults, and by adults I mean mature adults, know that things don’t always go their way.  They also know that people don’t have to agree with their viewpoints and (in the event of disagreement) disagreement can be civil and calm.  Everyone else has yet to figure this out, and in the meantime, our country suffers.

That said, here is where I stand:

It really doesn’t matter who is President, I base my my votes on views:

America needs to be safer and needs a strict and legal immigration process that is also faster than it has been.  Illegal immigrants in the US should be given one chance to become legal (unless they have committed serious crimes) and if they bypass that chance, they need to leave and reenter legally.

People in minimum wage jobs do not need to make $15 an hour.  They also need to be pushed into skilled labor jobs. Minimum wage jobs should be opened to people in high school or getting back on their feet or finishing college …or retirees, with the expectation that people will move to more skilled jobs or retire fully after time. Everyone should learn skilled or technical labor.

Pipelines are fine by me.  As someone that has felt the heat of a burning semi truck from 100 yards away, a pipeline seems like a much safer bet than putting explosives on a truck or train.

Capitalism isnt perfect but it’s what works best.  Socialism does not…Ever.  Never has, never will.  History has proven this.

I believe people that protest illegally or block the flow of people at a public venue or highway should be arrested.  I also believe people that start crossing the street on a don’t walk signal deserve a fine.  Laws are laws.

No, people don’t need to be equal in all things.  There need to be winners and losers in all aspects of life.  Same with rich and poor, just like there will always be sick and healthy and this will never change, no matter how much people try to change it.  You won’t always win and you shouldn’t.  Know life should be best spent working hard and learn to lose gracefully.

I am pro-choice but also pro-life.  I don’t feel a fully formed baby deserves termination, but I won’t make demands on your uterus or vagina.  That’s between you and God.

Speaking of which, I am a Christian.  I have Christian beliefs, but I don’t expect others to share those views.  My views are my own and others can have theirs as long as they pose no direct physical threat to me or my family/friends.  Have whatever religion you want, just don’t let it make you crazy.

I feel homosexuality is fine for anyone enjoying that lifestyle.  I feel socially promoted promiscuity is a larger danger to society than the sexual preference of men or women.  We need to promote marriage as an important part of society, regardless of sexual orientation.

I feel any person or group that openly promotes hatred or violence toward a group of people or the government should be considered a hate group or a menace to society.

I feel people have lost touch with their ability to tolerate opposing views because they’ve lost touch on their ability to socialize.  Rather than eye contact and conversation, it’s liking a post or posting with online blurbs.  Talk to each other.  Have a disagreement.  Don’t let that change friendships.

I feel our country is great, and no matter which way it sways politically, there is no reason to be destructive, hateful, or violent in the name of politics.

Celebrities and musicians need to keep political preference to themselves.  Have something to say?  Put it in a song or a movie.

I don’t believe any racial group has privelege over another.  We are all born naked and afraid and the rest of our lives should be spent making sure we don’t die that way.  Some will do better than others.  Some will fail.  Some will be slowed down by life events.  Not all of us will accomplish our goals.  It doesn’t mean we have failed or others have failed us.  It means we haven’t adapted to changes.

People need healthcare but no one should be forced to buy it.  It should also always be affordable for everyone.

College shouldn’t be free, but public college shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  If tuition rises, it should be for academic progress not athletics.

Common core is the worst thing in education.  We need to say the Pledge every day.  No one sits out of this or the National Anthem.

Safe spaces and trigger words are ridiculous.  Suck it up.

We need to stop comparing America to other countries.  We aren’t them and they aren’t us.  Every country has at least one thing better than another country and constantly comparing these things is like saying Adidas is better than Nike.  Everyone will always disagree.

I feel Americans don’t do a solid job of respecting our military or law enforcement.

That’s it.  I have always hovered in the middle (though I consider myself fiscally conservative), but the far left and far right are really putting the squeeze on people in the middle these days.  It sucks.  If you’re in the middle with me, don’t let the wackos make you nuts.  Just hang tight and stay calm…And for goodness sake, avoid Facebook.