Groove Rings

I’ve been looking for a flexible ring for some time and I have recently stumbled upon Groove Rings, and discovered a selection of rings that are absolutely perfect in their design and comfort. You can even choose 5 styles and keep the rings you want, pay for them, and send the others back!

Before Groove Rings, I tried some from another manufacturer who promises “100% satisfaction guaranteed”…but what I found was a substandard ring, inconsistent sizing, and customer service that attempted to correct issues but either just kept sending the wrong sized ring or just getting snappy in emails.  The worst part, was something I call “band-aid finger”…you know that smell that your finger got as a kid when you left a band-aid on too long?  Substandard rings will give the same smell to your finger.  A well-made ring like Groove Rings let’s your finger breathe, so there is no band-aid finger!

With Groove Rings, the sizing is dead on. Measure using the method from their website, and place your order from any of their fantastic styles (a few styles are below), and wait for it to come.

If for some reason, it doesn’t fit, exchanges are super easy… but if it fits, enjoy it! Did I mention Groove Rings also have a NO BS warranty? That’s right, if it rips while you’re doing your supersets at the gym, don’t worry, it can be replaced. I took mine to Jamaica and sailed with it, snorkeled with it, lifted weights with it, and went water skiing with it, and my ring looks as good as it did straight out of the box.

The reviews speak for themselves on the Groove Ring website as well as Amazon. IGroove Rings are worth every penny and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a gym-safe wedding band, an extra ring, or a ring for the “other hand”.

Give them a try and let them know what you think!