DAS Labs WokeAF preworkout review

My biggest workout destroyer at the gym is a loss of focus and intensity. Music dies? Lost focus. Feeling tired? Lost intensity. Sore from the last workout? Lost focus and intensity. I try to power through, but I am left with a workout that leaves me feeling like I could have done more. I don’t go to the gym to dance around and be social, I go to lift heavy, sweat ugly, and pour everything I have into a workout.

I ordered some DAS Labs WokeAF Blood Raz preworkout and tried a serving before my workout today… it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Bucked Up is an excellent preworkout with an excellent flavor profile, but WokeAF really takes things to the next level. Blood Raz is not too sweet and has a nice tang to it which makes it a nice and drinkable preworkout. It mixes well too, unlike some other preworkouts that leave your mouth feeling like sandpaper.

You may be wondering how effective it is by now, so let me just say, WokeAF is not for lightweights. If a soda or energy drink is too much for you, this will be like an drinking an energy drink while doing KungFu on a T-Rex while strapped to a rocket that is approaching light speed.

It has three stimulants (dendrobium, Synephrine, and caffeine to help push your workout to the extreme, increase focus and intensity, and power you through the toughest of gym sessions. Deer Antler Velvet Extract (rich in IGF-1) is in the formula, as is citrulline malate (aids in recovery and nitrous oxide production), Alpha GPC (a bioavailable choline that improves focus and protects the brain), a solid dose of CarnoSyn Beta Alanine (buffers acid in muscles and can aid in muscular endurance), and more.

So what does WokeAF feel like? It feels amazing. I started my workout with uphill sprints on a treadmill, then tore into the heavy weights for 50 minutes, and finished it off with some leg work and ab exercises. I was laser focused on my goals, I went heavier on the weight and didn’t get as fatigued, and I felt accomplished when I wrapped up. On a side note, Beta Alanine can also cause a skin tingling sensation, but I only felt it for a few minutes which was nice.

DAS Labs has some amazing supplements and I am a Das Labs brand ambassador because I believe in their quality, but WokeAF really was a game changer. If you’re looking for something to take your workout to stratospheric new heights, this is the preworkout for you.


PS – If you click on the Bucked Up logo icon on the right (or www.buckedup.com/shop for you mobile users) and enter “Minnesodad20” when checking out, you get 20% off of your entire order. Great grass fed protein, amazing preworkouts, BCAAs, and more…it’s all there and all made with high quality, proven effective ingredients.


Dead Lift

I find it humorous how many people love posting Instagram pictures or videos of themselves deadlifting using improper form. I watch the video, chuckle, and mutter to myself, “Enjoy the back and joint issues later, genius.”

I will admit, my deadlift form is not perfect either. It’s something I am still working on, but at the same time, I am also not trying to show off on Instagram like some people, by lifting with improper form either. I feel it just sets a bad example.

Here are some common mistakes:

1 Head is not in a neutral position. Don’t deadlift with your head up. Your spine should be in a straight line, except for the natural curve at the base.

2 Rounding your back. I see this all of the time and when I started, I was even guilty of doing this from time to time. By rounding your back, you risk major lower back injury.

3 Jerking the bar. I have no idea why some people love to jerk the bar when doing some seriously heavy deadlifts. Not only does it look bad, it also risks bicep or shoulder injury. Make sure there is pull tension on the bar before you lift it.

4 Bouncing the bar. It’s not a basketball, and it’s not meant to be bounced off of the floor as you put it down. Give a second or two of rest every time you put the weight down.

5 Locking and unlocking your knees. If this is happening, you have major form problems. If you’re going really heavy with weight your legs may shake, but if you’re locking them straight and then unlocking as you get into your upright position, you’re eventually going to do some damage to your legs or cause yourself to pass out. Speaking of passing out…

6 Breathe, for God’s sake. You don’t want to be like this guy:


Finally, watch some instructional videos from fitness professionals, and practice your form.  Then, when your form looks good, add a little weight and work onward until you’re at your desired weight.

Good luck!



Boat of confusion

BA wrote:

I am confused by yesterday’s post. You say that avoiding things for the sake of avoiding sickness and death is BS but you take supplements. Isn’t that just preventing death differently? Isn’t that the same thing?



You and a few others are in the same boat of confusion. I will clarify:

My post yesterday was talking about the futility of avoiding things in our everyday lives, because for everything you avoid, there is another supposedly deadly thing waiting to take its place.

I am, and always will be, PRO supplement. Why? We can never get enough nutrition in our diet to power higher athletic performance. Muscles, improved recovery, improved response time, better focus, etc.,, don’t come naturally to most people, and if they do, they decrease with age. Supplements aren’t here to cure disease or prevent death. They are here to make life more physically enjoyable (think vitamins and health supplements) and pursuit of your health goals more attainable (think BCAAs, protein, and preworkouts like BuckedUp).

The difference between my post yesterday and clarification today is this:

Don’t spend your whole life fearing every tiny thing you put in or on your body…instead, find some good things to put in there and start living your life better. There will always be something that “could” harm or kill us…it doesn’t mean I should avoid a banana (the bananas we know today are the result of GMOs even if they are organically grown now). Eat that banana, take some vitamins, drink some protein, and get that workout in, then go live life.


If it doesn’t kill ya, something else will…

When I first started this site, I remember posting about carrageenan and its many dangers, along with words of caution about other edibles as well. You know what I’ve learned in 9 years? It’s all bullshit.

Unless you have an allergy or autoimmune disorder, if you spend your whole life worrying about everything you eat, drink, or put on your skin, I can guarantee your life isn’t being lived – it’s being managed. You are spending your days avoiding foods drinks cosmetics and other things because somebody somewhere (usually not based on actual science) told you that it could be harmful. Science is even wrong from time to time as well. How many times can we hear “coffee causes cancer” and a month later hear “coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants”?!?

So with all of the information flying around, what do we do? Do we stop eating and stop wearing sunscreen, makeup, and lotions? Do we stop socializing and instead relegate ourselves to a lifetime of micro-analyzing labels and avoiding the million ever changing “harmful” substances?

Sweeteners, sunscreen, carrageenan, GMOs, or coffee aren’t going to hurt you if you consume them in small quantities…though on the opposite side of that statement, if you’re consuming mass quantities of anything, you’re bound for some sort of trouble. You don’t need to do “clean eating”, you aren’t going to cure everything with a smoothie diet, you just need to get active and keep things in moderation. Have a Coke, eat a burger, put on some sunscreen, take vitamins and use supplements, and drink a beer or coffee, but be normal about it. Don’t go overboard. Do what’s right for youth keep on living a happy and meaningful life.

Lift some weights too. It’s contagiously wonderful and it’s fun to see progress in shaping yourself with some good old fashioned heavy weights and it is scientifically healthy…unless you’re allergic to weights.


Round 2

Some of you have emailed me and asked how my trip went. It was amazing, to say the least. I got to hang out with some great friends, did some drinking, and spend time in another country just taking time away from every day life.

I started to really with myself back into shape for this trip, and I’ve gained a new level of excitement for my gym time. I moved from the Y to a new gym in Woodbury and I am really seeing some good results lately. I’ve also started a side gig as a brand ambassador for a supplement company and I am very excited about that.

Supplements have always been a big part of my life since I started going to the gym and it’s nice to know there are more companies providing quality products at affordable prices. It just makes taking care of my soon to be 40-year-old body a little bit easier.


Should I?

Mel wrote:

I am thinking of getting a breast augmentation and I came across your site wile looking for advice sites.  I am hoping you can help.

I breastfed 3 kids and it destroyed my breast tissue.  They used to be round and full and now they are wrinkly and saggy with no shape and I get big bunches of skin in my armpits.  A friend of mine got augmentation surgery and was recommending I do the same since I am always complaining about my breasts.  I’ve read the procedures and stats, but I need a second opinion.  Should I do it?




If you feel it will help you feel better about your self image, I see no harm in doing a medical procedure like this.  It looks like you’ve done some reading on the subject and you’re not going in blind, so if you feel you’re up to speed on potential complications, go for it.  Many people get cosmetic “updates” as they go through life whether it’s teeth (veneers and implants), skin (tucks, augmentation, and Botox), or weight loss.   The most important thing is to feel good about yourself.  Don’t do this for anyone but yourself.