Should I?

Mel wrote:

I am thinking of getting a breast augmentation and I came across your site wile looking for advice sites.  I am hoping you can help.

I breastfed 3 kids and it destroyed my breast tissue.  They used to be round and full and now they are wrinkly and saggy with no shape and I get big bunches of skin in my armpits.  A friend of mine got augmentation surgery and was recommending I do the same since I am always complaining about my breasts.  I’ve read the procedures and stats, but I need a second opinion.  Should I do it?




If you feel it will help you feel better about your self image, I see no harm in doing a medical procedure like this.  It looks like you’ve done some reading on the subject and you’re not going in blind, so if you feel you’re up to speed on potential complications, go for it.  Many people get cosmetic “updates” as they go through life whether it’s teeth (veneers and implants), skin (tucks, augmentation, and Botox), or weight loss.   The most important thing is to feel good about yourself.  Don’t do this for anyone but yourself.