If it doesn’t kill ya, something else will…

When I first started this site, I remember posting about carrageenan and its many dangers, along with words of caution about other edibles as well. You know what I’ve learned in 9 years? It’s all bullshit.

Unless you have an allergy or autoimmune disorder, if you spend your whole life worrying about everything you eat, drink, or put on your skin, I can guarantee your life isn’t being lived – it’s being managed. You are spending your days avoiding foods drinks cosmetics and other things because somebody somewhere (usually not based on actual science) told you that it could be harmful. Science is even wrong from time to time as well. How many times can we hear “coffee causes cancer” and a month later hear “coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants”?!?

So with all of the information flying around, what do we do? Do we stop eating and stop wearing sunscreen, makeup, and lotions? Do we stop socializing and instead relegate ourselves to a lifetime of micro-analyzing labels and avoiding the million ever changing “harmful” substances?

Sweeteners, sunscreen, carrageenan, GMOs, or coffee aren’t going to hurt you if you consume them in small quantities…though on the opposite side of that statement, if you’re consuming mass quantities of anything, you’re bound for some sort of trouble. You don’t need to do “clean eating”, you aren’t going to cure everything with a smoothie diet, you just need to get active and keep things in moderation. Have a Coke, eat a burger, put on some sunscreen, take vitamins and use supplements, and drink a beer or coffee, but be normal about it. Don’t go overboard. Do what’s right for youth keep on living a happy and meaningful life.

Lift some weights too. It’s contagiously wonderful and it’s fun to see progress in shaping yourself with some good old fashioned heavy weights and it is scientifically healthy…unless you’re allergic to weights.