Boat of confusion

BA wrote:

I am confused by yesterday’s post. You say that avoiding things for the sake of avoiding sickness and death is BS but you take supplements. Isn’t that just preventing death differently? Isn’t that the same thing?



You and a few others are in the same boat of confusion. I will clarify:

My post yesterday was talking about the futility of avoiding things in our everyday lives, because for everything you avoid, there is another supposedly deadly thing waiting to take its place.

I am, and always will be, PRO supplement. Why? We can never get enough nutrition in our diet to power higher athletic performance. Muscles, improved recovery, improved response time, better focus, etc.,, don’t come naturally to most people, and if they do, they decrease with age. Supplements aren’t here to cure disease or prevent death. They are here to make life more physically enjoyable (think vitamins and health supplements) and pursuit of your health goals more attainable (think BCAAs, protein, and preworkouts like BuckedUp).

The difference between my post yesterday and clarification today is this:

Don’t spend your whole life fearing every tiny thing you put in or on your body…instead, find some good things to put in there and start living your life better. There will always be something that “could” harm or kill us…it doesn’t mean I should avoid a banana (the bananas we know today are the result of GMOs even if they are organically grown now). Eat that banana, take some vitamins, drink some protein, and get that workout in, then go live life.