DAS Labs WokeAF preworkout review

My biggest workout destroyer at the gym is a loss of focus and intensity. Music dies? Lost focus. Feeling tired? Lost intensity. Sore from the last workout? Lost focus and intensity. I try to power through, but I am left with a workout that leaves me feeling like I could have done more. I don’t go to the gym to dance around and be social, I go to lift heavy, sweat ugly, and pour everything I have into a workout.

I ordered some DAS Labs WokeAF Blood Raz preworkout and tried a serving before my workout today… it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Bucked Up is an excellent preworkout with an excellent flavor profile, but WokeAF really takes things to the next level. Blood Raz is not too sweet and has a nice tang to it which makes it a nice and drinkable preworkout. It mixes well too, unlike some other preworkouts that leave your mouth feeling like sandpaper.

You may be wondering how effective it is by now, so let me just say, WokeAF is not for lightweights. If a soda or energy drink is too much for you, this will be like an drinking an energy drink while doing KungFu on a T-Rex while strapped to a rocket that is approaching light speed.

It has three stimulants (dendrobium, Synephrine, and caffeine to help push your workout to the extreme, increase focus and intensity, and power you through the toughest of gym sessions. Deer Antler Velvet Extract (rich in IGF-1) is in the formula, as is citrulline malate (aids in recovery and nitrous oxide production), Alpha GPC (a bioavailable choline that improves focus and protects the brain), a solid dose of CarnoSyn Beta Alanine (buffers acid in muscles and can aid in muscular endurance), and more.

So what does WokeAF feel like? It feels amazing. I started my workout with uphill sprints on a treadmill, then tore into the heavy weights for 50 minutes, and finished it off with some leg work and ab exercises. I was laser focused on my goals, I went heavier on the weight and didn’t get as fatigued, and I felt accomplished when I wrapped up. On a side note, Beta Alanine can also cause a skin tingling sensation, but I only felt it for a few minutes which was nice.

DAS Labs has some amazing supplements and I am a Das Labs brand ambassador because I believe in their quality, but WokeAF really was a game changer. If you’re looking for something to take your workout to stratospheric new heights, this is the preworkout for you.


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