Donita wrote me and said I should have a logo for my Minnesodad brand because it’s the “visual salesman of the modern times”. I thought it was a great idea. Thanks for suggesting such a time suck, Donita!

After some design attempts, I realized:

A) I am the least creative person possible when it comes to designing a logo.

B) I get distracted easily

C) Hey, it’s raining..

Here are some logos I decided not to use.

Minnesodad: I am a woman throwing a tantrum.


Minnesodad: I’m a woman with a long stride

Minnesodad: My nipples are like mountains (and I have three here?)

Minnesodad: A cure for what ails ya.


Minnesodad: I spilled my urine sample again.

Minnesodad: WTF?

Minnesodad: As much fun as two dudes stretching.

Minnesodad: He’s on fire!

That’s about as far as I got tonight, so I haven’t found a logo yet.




Not a spitter

IMC wrote

Sean, I am a guy that has a question about other guys. Why do most guys, and I say most because I am not one of them, spit into urinals when taking a leak? I think it’s odd, but I just noticed it.



I don’t like to spit myself. Sure, if a bug flies into my mouth or something like 409 gets in there while cleaning (rare), I will spit…but I can’t stand loogies on my tongue so I rarely spit at all. I know people that like to clear out their lung butter from time to time, but if I did that, I’d end up with vomit on my shoes (and pee if I tried while peeing).

I did some research on this pee-spitting phenomenon and have found it’s quite common. I don’t know of any (so far) friends or family that does it, but I made some observations in public restrooms and found that over 80% of men did this in the areas I was in. Could some guy’s mouth be so filled with saliva at the thought of peeing that he just has to spit at that moment? Could they be claiming the urinal as their own?…I’ve never seen any turf wars over a urinal.

I asked three people why they did this. One guy said beer made him spitty. Another said he had a cold. The final one said he figured he’d always done that.

There you have it. I am going to guess it’s beer, colds, and habit or any combo of the three. Heaven help the guy standing next to the spitter that has all three at once.


Not so fast

KD wrote:

Have you heard of intermittent fasting? Is it effective, I am seeing lots of Facebook stuff on it.



There are only a small number of studies that actually prove this weight loss technique to be effective for long-term weight loss, but I think the greater benefit here is that people that practice intermittent fasting are getting in touch with what, how, and when they eat. This results in an understanding of how to control hunger and the food the body needs throughout the day. So, while studies out there have largely not proven the effectiveness of intermittent fasting, the benefit in trying it is a better understanding of your body and the food you need to keep it healthy. Quite frankly, any balanced eating plan that is providing a rational caloric intake (at or under 2000 avg calories per day) and combining food intake with exercise is a good plan to keep the body in top shape. Keep in mind that people that are looking to bulk up for weightlifting competition, sports, or to add to their overall physique may actually benefit from a higher caloric intake than fasting provides.


It’s quantity, not time of day

Andy wrote:


Is the anabolic window real? My trainer is preaching that I fuel my anabolic window after workouts, but I can barely keep water down, let alone protein.



There are plenty of studies showing the “anabolic window” myth (35 grams of protein within 35 minutes after a workout)…is a myth, to an extent – just search the internet. While it is always beneficial to get .8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day, it’s not like you won’t see long term results if you get to minute 36 after your workout and you just started drinking your protein.

Your workouts matter, your protein intake matters, and if you CAN get some protein within 45 minutes of the end of your workout you will be better off, but it’s not something to stress over if you miss.