Not so fast

KD wrote:

Have you heard of intermittent fasting? Is it effective, I am seeing lots of Facebook stuff on it.



There are only a small number of studies that actually prove this weight loss technique to be effective for long-term weight loss, but I think the greater benefit here is that people that practice intermittent fasting are getting in touch with what, how, and when they eat. This results in an understanding of how to control hunger and the food the body needs throughout the day. So, while studies out there have largely not proven the effectiveness of intermittent fasting, the benefit in trying it is a better understanding of your body and the food you need to keep it healthy. Quite frankly, any balanced eating plan that is providing a rational caloric intake (at or under 2000 avg calories per day) and combining food intake with exercise is a good plan to keep the body in top shape. Keep in mind that people that are looking to bulk up for weightlifting competition, sports, or to add to their overall physique may actually benefit from a higher caloric intake than fasting provides.