Donita wrote me and said I should have a logo for my Minnesodad brand because it’s the “visual salesman of the modern times”. I thought it was a great idea. Thanks for suggesting such a time suck, Donita!

After some design attempts, I realized:

A) I am the least creative person possible when it comes to designing a logo.

B) I get distracted easily

C) Hey, it’s raining..

Here are some logos I decided not to use.

Minnesodad: I am a woman throwing a tantrum.


Minnesodad: I’m a woman with a long stride

Minnesodad: My nipples are like mountains (and I have three here?)

Minnesodad: A cure for what ails ya.


Minnesodad: I spilled my urine sample again.

Minnesodad: WTF?

Minnesodad: As much fun as two dudes stretching.

Minnesodad: He’s on fire!

That’s about as far as I got tonight, so I haven’t found a logo yet.